How to save the NHS

Views of frontline NHS staff. “The NHS is a top election issue – both Labour and the Conservatives promise they would pump in billions to save it. But what do the people on its frontline – the workers who know it best and care for it most – think it needs?” Guardian story


A View From Dryburn

I recently had to go into North Durham Hospital for an acute but minor procedure. All the staff involved were excellent: from the GP diagnosing the problem and organising the admission, to the nurses, doctors and support staff who cared for me. The staff were professional, competent, and courteous. They worked extremely long hours. The problems I encountered were caused by lack of beds and lack of staff. I had to wait ~24 hours for a bed, as the Surgical Admissions Unit was constrained by lack of beds on other wards to move on their patients. I had to wait ~10 hours for treatment as the surgeons were fully committed dealing with serious cases.