“Don’t believe the myth that the NHS is unaffordable”

“Don’t believe the myth that the NHS is unaffordable” says Neena Modi in the Guardian on 9 February.

In her article she makes the following points:

“The complexity of our part-privatised service wastes billions. Why are we copying a failed US-style model?”

“The balance of evidence is that for-profit healthcare is poorer quality at greater cost.”

“Universal healthcare, free at the point of need and funded through general taxation, is cost-effective, increasingly justified by evidence, and morally right.”

“Don’t let our NHS fall apart”

“Professor Ahmet Fuat has put his head above the parapet by writing passionately about the fragmentation and commercialisation of the NHS he has served for three decades.” “When fire ripped through his doctors’ surgery in Darlington, the experience left Professor Ahmet Fuat, a GP in the town for 30 years, feeling angry about the state of the NHS.”

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