NHS privatisation soars 500% in the last year

Study of recent figures on NHS contracts being awared to private companires. By Paul Evans, director of the NHS Support Federation, which campaigns to protect the NHS from being undermined by commercialisation.

“We are often told the NHS only spends 6% on the private sector. But this figure actually relates to 2013/4 – and so it tells us very little about the impact of the Health & Social Care Act. The Act only came into force in April 2013, and the process of making the first round of decisions under it, typically took another year or more. So today’s evidence from 2014/5 is the first to begin measure the true impact of the new competition regime. And it is shocking. Over the last year private firms have won £3.5bn worth of new clinical contracts – an increase of 500% on the previous year, our research shows.”