NHS struggles to manage private contracts

“NHS struggling to monitor the safety and efficacy of its services outsourced to private providers” Independent news story covering Report by CHPI. ‘The Contracting NHS: Can the NHS Handle the Outsourcing of Clinical Services’

Extract from report, p.7
“The contracting NHS: key facts

  • 53,000 – estimated number of contracts held between the NHS and the private sector for healthcare in England, including for primary care services.
  • £22.6bn – total value of NHS contracts with the private sector, including primary care services.
  • 24% – percentage of NHS England’s total budget of £95bn which is spent in the private sector, including for primary care services.
  • £9.3bn – amount spent by CCGs on contracts with the private sector for NHS services in 2013-4.
  • 16% – per centage of the total Clinical Commissioning Group budget of £65bn which is now spent on the private sector.
  • 15,000 – estimated number of contracts between CCGs and the private sector.
  • 90 – average number of contracts with the private sector held by each CCG.
  • 25,000 – number of staff employed in CCGs, CSUs, and NHS Local Area Teams to commission, administer and enforce NHS contracts.
  • £1.3bn – combined budget of CCGs and NHS England Local Area Teams for commissioning, administering and enforcing NHS contracts.
  • £700m – amount spent by CCGS on CSUs to administer, monitor and enforce their contracts with NHS and private sector providers.”

“The Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI) is a dynamic health and social care policy think-tank, which aims to promote evidence-based health policy in keeping with the founding principles of the NHS.” Website


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